PlayStation Stars Campaigns & Collectibles For April Revealed

Check out April’s PlayStation Star’s campaign and collectbibles

PlayStation Stars graphic

The PlayStation Blog has just revealed the PlayStation Stars campaigns and digital collectables for April 2024. With the campaigns you can earn yourself some points, if you get enough points you can redeem them for PlayStation Store wallet funds. 1250 Points get you £5 of wallet funds and 5000 points get you a nice £20 of funds.

It’s not that hard to rack up enough points. Just keep playing the campaigns every month. Most of the easy campaigns just require you to play a certain game. Even if you don’t own the game, a lot of them can simply be streamed from PlayStation Plus and it will count.

With digital collectables, you can collect these and then put them in your PlayStation Stars display case. Your display case can only be viewed on the PS App for now but Sony are planning to bring PlayStation Stars functionality to the PS5 at some point. Check out my current display case below.

PlayStation Stars display case

PlayStation Stars Campaigns & Collectibles for April 2024

Here are the PlayStation Stars campaign and collectables for April. Just remember to hit the ‘Start’ button on the campaign before playing the game.

Campaign: PlayStation Plus Game Catalog: Apocalypse Edition | Reward: 50 Points

Starting today, April 1st, you’ll be able to earn yourself 50 points from playing any one of these games from the PlayStation Plus Extra games catalogue. You’ll need to be a PS Plus Extra/Premium member to play them. You can also stream the games, this is quicker than downloading them and most campaigns should complete once the game starts up. Play any of the games below to earn 50 points.

  • Days Gone [PS4]
  • Death Stranding [PS4 & PS5]
  • Doom Eternal [PS4 & PS5]
  • NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… [PS4 & PS5]

Campaign: PlayStation Plus Game Catalog: Must-play this Month | Reward: 50 Points

April’s free PlayStation Plus games have already been announced. All you have to do is play any one of the games below to earn 50 points. You will need to download one of the games you plan on playing if they are not available to stream on the PS Plus game catalogue. This campaign will be available from April 2nd when the PS Plus games are available.

  • Immortals of Aveum [PS5]
  • Minecraft Legends [PS4 & PS5]
  • Skul: The Hero Slayer [PS4]

Campaign: PlayStation VR2 | Game Drop | Reward: 50 Points

This campaign will be available from April 11th. The campaign requires you to buy one of the PSVR2 games below to earn yourself 50 points. If you haven’t played it already, I highly recommend Pavlov.

  • Legendary Tales [PS5]
  • Pavlov [PS5]
  • Arizona Sunshine 2 [PS5]
  • Beat the Beats VR [PS5]

Campaign: PlayStation & You: PS4 | Digital Collectible: PlayStation 4 Console – Silver

PS4 silver console animnated gif of console rotating

This campaign takes you back in time to 2017 when the silver PS4 came out. The campaign description on the PlayStation Blog says that this campaign is “Available only for registered PlayStation 4 console – Silver owners” But surely that can’t be the case? Anyway, we’ll find out if anyone can earn this when the campaign starts on April 15th. To earn the collectable, you” just need to play and PS4 or PS5 game.

Campaign: Tales of Kenzera: ZAU | A Once Black Sky | Digital Collectible: Impundulu

This campaign requires you to play Tales of Kenzera: ZAU and earn the A Once Black Sky trophy. Tales of Kenzera: ZAU isn’t out until April 23rd so the campaign will probably start on that day. The trophy list isn’t out for the game either it looks like, so I have no idea what that trophy entails. But you do get a cool-looking dragon collectable.

Digital Collectible: Impundulu

Campaign: Wind Down with PlayStation | Digital Collectible: Hop, Sleep, and a Jump

This campaign starts on April 17th and all you have to do is start any one of the cosy, relaxing games below. Doing so will earn you a cool Frog clock collectable.

  • Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story [PS4 & PS5]
  • Disney Dreamlight Valley [PS4 & PS5]
  • I Am Setsuna [PS4]
  •  Lemon Cake [PS5]
Digital Collectible: Hop, Sleep, and a Jump

Campaign: Brain Games II | Digital Collectible: Synaptic Feedback II

The last campaign is available from April 18th and requires you to play any one of the games below.

  • The Gardens Between [PS4 & PS5] – this is available on PS Plus Extra
  • I Am Dead [PS4 & PS5]
  • Life of Delta [PS5]