How to Fast Travel in Forspoken

Get from A to B in a flash with this Forspoken fast travel guide

Forspoken screenshot

Like pretty much every other open-world game, Forspoken also has a fast travel feature. Fast travel allows you to get to certain points in Athia far more quickly, even quicker than using Frey’s awesome magic parkour to traverse the world.

Fast Travel in Forspoken

In Forspoken you can fast travel back to the city of Cipal or you can fast travel to any Pilgrim’s Refuges that you find in the world. You can also fast travel to Belfries located throughout Athia.

Pilgrims Refuge’s

Pilgrims Refuges are sanctuaries in Athia where Frey can rest to replenish her health and there is even a crafting bench to craft consumables and upgrades for gear.

There are a number of Pilgram’s Refuges in Athia and I haven’t found them all yet but they look like the building shown in the screenshot below.

Pilgrim's Refuge in Forspoken

Pilgrim’s Refuges will show up on the map and can be identified by the icon below.

Once you enter a Pilgrim’s Refuge, it is unlocked as a fast-travel location. You can then fast-travel to any Pilgrim’s Refuge you have found, or back to Cipal by accessing the map with the touchpad. Then simply hover over the Pilgrim’s Refuge you want to fast-travel to and press square. Then press yes at the prompt and you’ll arrive at your destination in a flash.


In Forspoken, you can also fast travel to any Belfry you find. You can see what a Belfry looks like, and its map icon in the images below.

Belfries are also useful for showing you points of interest that are around you. If you stand under a Belfry and use a cuff scan, it will reveal points of interest and quests that are nearby. You can then place a marker on them to make them easy to find and travel to.

Forspoken is out on January 24th for PS5.