Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Little Odessa Spider-Bots Locations

Where to find the spider-bots in Little Odessa

Spider-Man 2 screenshot

Spider-bots in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are collectables you can search for and pick up. They tell you a bit about Spider-Man’s history and will give you some tech parts and XP for finding them.

There are 43 Spider-Bots in total throughout the game but this guide will focus specifically on the little Odessa region of New York City.

When you get close to a spider-bot location, you will see a large pulse of energy emitting from the spider-bot. Keep an eye out for this pulse as you swing past, when you see it, you will know the spider-bot is nearby.

Spider-Bots Locations in Little Odessa

There are 3 spider-bots located in Little Odessa, here’s where to find them.

Spider-Bot 1 – Electro-proof Spider-Man

The first spider-bot in Little Odessa can be found on the eastern side of the region. You can find the bot on the east side of an under-construction building. There is a large crane nearby.

Spider-Bot 2 – Scarlet Spider

The second spider-bot in Little Odessa can be found in the north-eastern corner of the region. It can be found crawling on the side of a dark grey silo.

Spider-Bot 3 – Black Car Noir

The third and final spider-bot in Little Odessa can be found on the west side of the region. It is located on the roof of a building and on top of a wooden gazebo which is overlooking the water.

And that is all the spider-bots in Little Odessa.