Photo Mode Friday No.11 – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Photogenic Spider-Man

Spider-Man 2 screenshot

What an amazing game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is. Insomniac’s web-slinging, web-swinging open-world Spidey sequel amazed fans with its great story, superb combat and general all-around awesomeness. It also has a fantastic photo mode.

Like most PlayStation first-party games of recent years, Spider-Man 2 has a pretty in-depth photo mode with numerous options to capture that perfect virtual photography screenshot. It has one of my favourite photo mode features, the ability to add light sources. This is a great feature where you can capture the perfect photo even if you happen to be in a dark area. It also lets you create shadows and other cool lighting effects.

Here is 30 photo mode screenshots I have taken in Spider-Man 2 throughout my time with the game. Once you’re done ogling my screenshots, check out my Spider-Man 2 review.