New Godfall Trailer Teases Silvermane Class

Ascend Lionhearted with Silvermane

Godfall PS5 Silvermane class trailer

Gearbox Publishing has released a new Godfall video which teases one of the three main classes in the game. The video titled “World of Godfall: Silvemane Teaser” shows off a class called Silvermane.

The Silvermane class has never been seen before and is one of the three main classes in Godfall.

The video narrator says that “Each Valorplate reflects a God. Through storm and furious battle. Its powers will be yours.” From what information I can gather, classes in Godfall are represented by these Valorplates. And if each Valorplate reflects a God then the Silvermane class must be some sort of Lion God.

The video narrator goes on to say: “Ascend Lionhearted with Silvermane.” This could be a clue to what type of class Silvermane will be.

The dictionary definition of “Lionhearted” means brave and determined. So this could be a clue to how the Silvermane class could play in Godfall. Perhaps the class is a more offensive or attacking style of play.

The Silvermane teaser video appears to be the only Godfall class that has been shown so far. No doubt we will get more class video and gameplay footage int he months leading up to launch. The Silvermane teaser video does also confirm that launch is still on track for Holiday 2020.