New PS VR2 Games Coming This Week

There’s only one

Krispain Hero VR cover art with background key art

There are not a lot of games releasing this week. It is Christmas week after all and even game developers and publishers need to take some time off over the holidays.

There is only one game coming out this week, that I know of. It is for PSVR2 and it is called Krispain Hero VR. Its full, official title is Krispain Hero VR: Roguelite Dungeon Shooter Simulator so that probably gives you an idea of what the game is about.

The PlayStation Store has Krispain Hero VR releasing on the 29th of December at 7.00 am GMT.

There is no trailer for the PSVR2 version that I could find, but there is gameplay footage of the non-VR version of the game on Switch, so here you go.

YouTube player

It’s essentially a first-person shooter. It certainly looks nice and colourful. Here is the official description and features list for the game.

What can go through a former warrior’s head upon seeing an incomprehensible portal in the middle of the road? It is to go through the portal, of course, to explore an alternative past, where the world is definitely not ruled by people. Survive in an unknown past timeline!
At different levels, you will find different kinds of weapons and upgrade items, you will find checkpoints and you will face many challenging battles.
Each location is teeming with monsters and deadly bosses looking to put an end to your life. Defeat all the bosses to get out of the alternative universe, or return back to continue your adventure to see how far you can go.

▪ Experience a game that combines shooter gameplay with rogue-like, allowing you to experience the game differently each time.
▪ Over 10 different weapons, including 2 hidden ones to find!
▪ Over 30 unique items to improve the strength and skills of your character!
▪ Unique graphic style!
▪ Large-scale battles to keep you challenged!
▪ Unforgettable boss fights with interesting mechanics!
▪ The game features elements from the platform genre!

There is no price for Krispain Hero VR on the PlayStation Store but by the look of it, it will be pretty cheap.

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Friday 29th December