New Trailer Gives First Look at Gameplay of CarPG Resistor

Resistor’s blend of cinematic storytelling and high speed racing comes to PS5 soon

Resistor artwork

If you have been watching the Golden Joystick Awards today, you may have seen a gameplay trailer for the upcoming narrative-driven adventure RPG Resistor. Resistor isn’t your average adventure RPG though, there are no swords (I don’t think) and there are no horses to ride around on like in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Ghost of Tsushima.

The only horse you’ll encounter in Resistor is horsepower. That’s because Resistor is billed as a CarPG. That’s right an RIPG with cars and racing. Sounds pretty awesome right? Well, check out the gameplay trailer below to see for yourself.

YouTube player

The gameplay for Resistor looks pretty damn cool. The graphics have got a kind of anime style maybe? I dunno, I don;t watch anime, but you know what I mean. They have a kind of Japanese, cartoon-type look about them which I do find pretty nice. And did you notice the Scottish accent? Clearly, a Scottish voice actor playing that part. Also pretty cool.

Resistor is being developed by a new UK-based developer called Long Way Home. Which has industry vets who previously worked on AAA games such as Days Gone.

The gameplay trailer shows how Resistor blends cinematic, character-driven storytelling with high-speed, stunt-infused racing as rising star Aster comes face to face with a dangerous pair of adversaries. The trailer also introduces Resistor’s character and vehicle customisation.

In Resistor, Aster is the main character. The only living child of the last great racer. Aster enters the Dekker Industries-sponsored event in the hope of securing much-needed healthcare for their ailing Mother. However, as the tournament unfolds, Aster realises that Ethan Dekker’s corporate utopia is not all as it seems. And a race to the finish line soon becomes a war to overthrow Dekker’s oppressive regime.

Resistor screenshot

Is Resistor coming to PS5?

Yes, Resistor is indeed coming to PS5. PQube’s press releases have explicitly stated that the game will indeed be coming to PlayStation 5. When? We’re not entirely sure,. The press release simply states that it is “Coming Soon” so it could be early next year at a guess.

Resistor, the story so far

If you liked the look of Resitor’s gameplay trailer here’s a brief overview of what Resistor is all about.

In the year 2060 the world’s governments have long since destroyed one another and in their place stand self-contained city states presided over by a league of powerful corporations. Within the walls of these dense urban metropolises, citizens enjoy a life of comfort and excess, far removed from the harsh realities of the scattered communities that scrape a living in the endless desert wastes of the outside world.   

To remain “competitive but friendly”, the corporations take turns hosting an annual racing tournament for the masses setting the finest teams, and bravest challengers, against one another in a series of exhilarating, high-speed death races. The ultimate prize? A one-way ticket to permanent citizenship, and a better life, inside the cities. 

And if that’s not enough to fuel your excitement for this upcoming CarPG, then check out these tantalising features.

  • A vividly imagined open world – Hit the road and traverse sun-scorched desert wastes in your vehicle or disembark to explore dusty outposts and urban sprawls. 
  • Race in high-octane tournaments – Compete with your teammates in high-stakes contests featuring explosive vehicular combat and gravity-defying stunts.    
  • Experience an expansive story – Accept missions from a huge cast of characters to boost your reputation, and unlock additional story arcs, and multiple endings.    
  • Take down challenging bosses – Go head-to-head with your biggest rivals in winner-takes-all showdowns to unlock new car abilities.  
  • Expand your territory – Capitalise on your growing reputation to improve your base and develop areas of the map under your influence to reach new locations.    
  • Lead the ultimate racing team – Recruit teammates and manage relationships within your fledgling crew. Develop affinity and unlock bonuses to aid you in your races.  
  • Extensive customisation – Collect outfits, vehicle parts, music themes, and more! Visit your garage to customise almost every aspect of your driver and ride.

Resistor will be racing its way onto PS5 at some point in the near future. To keep up to date with the game follow the official Resistor X Account.