Nightmarish Thriller Stray Souls Jumps On To PS5, PS4 In Time for Halloween

Myster-driven survival horror comes to PS5 and PS4 on Octoner 25th

Stray Souls key art

It’s that time of year, in the run-up to Halloween when a slew of Horror games hit the market. One such horror game is Stray Souls and it’s coming to PS5 and PS4 just in time for the haunted holidays on October 25th.

Stray Souls is billed as a “Nightmarish Psychological thriller” and is developed by independent developers Jukai Studio and published by the aptly named publishers Versus Evil. Stray Souls is a mystery-driven horror game where you dive into the mind of Daniel, a teenage boy who inherits a home from his estranged Grandmother.

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Here’s the synopsis of the game from the developer:

Dive into the mind of Daniel, a teenage boy who inherits a home from his estranged grandmother. As he moves in, Daniel meets the enigmatic Martha who knows more about the house than he would expect. As night falls, dark secrets hiding within the dwelling and Daniel’s past come out of the woodworks – secrets Daniel cannot seem to outrun…

Japanese Survival Horror With Some New Tricks

If you like Japanese Survival Horror games like Resident Evil Village, SIren and Fatal Frame then Stray Souls will probably be right up your alley. The game combines elements of Japanese survival horror but includes some new tricks up its sleeve. These new tricks include things like randomized enemy encounters, object placement, paranormal going on and even weather patterns that are always changing. This makes no two playthroughs the same and adds greatly to the replayability of the game.

The game is built on Unreal Engine 5 and the trailers show a graphically impressive game. The game looks pretty realistic and the lighting and shadows all add to the game’s horror atmosphere. The PS5 version will be even more immersive if Stray Souls utilises the DualSense features well.

Stray Souls will be out for PS5 and PS4 just in time for Halloween and you can pick it up from October 25th.