Pizza Possum Serves Up Bite-Sized Action When It Hits PS5 On September 28th

arcade-style hid-and-seeka nd all you can eat food comes to PS5 in September

Pizza Possum key art

Indie Developer Cosy Computer and publisher Raw Fury have announced that their arcadey hide-and-seek action game Pizza Possum will be heading to PS5 on September 28th.

Pizza Possum can be played solo or with a friend via local multiplayer. In the game, you play a Possum and you have to eat as much food as you can without getting caught. This is where the arcade-style hide-and-seek comes into play.

The game is set in a colourful and picturesque town and the graphics look pretty nice. Most importantly though, The gameplay sounds like it will be a lot of fun. Check out the official game description, trailer and some screenshots below.

P{izza Possom will be out on PS5 onSeptember 28th.

About Pizza Possum

Play as a cute, hungry possum in fast-paced, action arcade chaos, trying to devour as much food as possible without getting caught by the guard dogs determined to halt your feast! Dog patrols will try to stop you at every turn, but don’t fret. Your possum is very sneaky, so use bushes to hide from patrols and keep the hunt going!

While searching a colorful variety of picturesque regions for delicious meals to satisfy your taste buds, you’ll gain points that allow you to unlock unique items like smoke bombs, punching gloves and more to help you on your journey. Enjoy fun and hectic gameplay with intuitive controls, a playful feel, and an adorable soundscape on your own or with a co-op critter companion via local multiplayer and Steam Remote Play Together.

Pizza Possom Trailer

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Pizza Possum Screenshots

Find out more about Pizza Possum by visiting the official website.