Spider-Man 2: Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot Locations

Brooklyn Bots

Spider-Man 2 spider-bot

Spider-Bots in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are collectables you can find all over New York City. Almost every district has some spider bots to find.

In this guide, I’ll show you where to find all the spider-bots in the Downtown Brooklyn District.

When you are close to a spider-bot location, you will notice a kind of pink-purpleish energy pulse terminating from the spider-bot. If you see this pulse, then you’ll know the spider-bot is near.

Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot Locations

There are four spider bots to find in Downtown Brooklyn.

Spider-Bot 1 – Sensational Spider-Man Spider-Bot

The first spider-bot in Downtown Brooklyn is found in the west of the district. Near to where you find the last Sandman/Flint Marko crystal. You will find the bot crawling on a wall underneath a freeway, in the underpass.

Spider-Bot 2 – Peni Parker Spider-Bot

The second SPider-Bot can be found in the northeast part of Downtown Brooklyn. You’ll find it crawling around on the shiny windows of a building in this area.

Marvel's Spider-Man Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot 2 location
Dtb sb 2

Spider-Bot 3 – Mysterio Spider-Bot

The third Spider-Bot can be found in the south of the district. It is on the roof of a building crawling about the side wall of another structure which is on top of the roof.

Marvel's Spider-Man Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot 3 location
Dtb sb 3a

Spider-Bot 4 – Superior Spider-Bot

The fourth and final Spider-Bot in Downtown Brooklyn can be found east of Spider-Bot 3. You’ll find this one underneath a freeway/motorway bridge on a crossbeam.

Marvel's Spider-Man Downtown Brooklyn Spider-Bot 4 location

And that’s all the Spider Bots in Downtown Brooklyn.