Spider-Man 2: How to Get the You Know What to Do Trophy

Pay your respects to Aunt May

Spider-Man 2 screenshot

The You Know What to Do Trophy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is a Bronze trophy. The trophy requires you to visit Aunt May’s grave while playing as Peter Parker’s Spider-Man.

It is a really easy trophy to get and really only requires you to locate the grave.

Before going for this trophy, make sure you are playing as Peter and not Miles. You can wait until the story switches you to Peter, or, if you are in the open world you can switch characters by opening the app (swipe left) and then press square.

Where to find Aunt May’s Grave?

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Aunt’s grave can be found in a cemetery way up on the top left of the map, in the Harlem district of the city. Check out the screenshots below to see the exact location.

Once you are at the cemetery, you will soon notice a prompt next to Aunt May’s grave. Interact with the grave by pressing Triangle and the trophy will pop.

Check out the video above to see exactly where Aunt May’s grave is located within the cemetery.