Suicide Guy Falls On To PSVR2 in Suicide Guy VR Deluxe

Escape your dream

Suicide Guy VR Deluxe key art and logo

Developer Chubby Pixel is bringing Suicide Guy back, this time to PSVR2.

If I can remember correctly from playing Suicide Guy on PS4, the protagonist is in a dream and you have to help him to wake up by making him kill himself in the dream.

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Chubby Pixel has told PlayStation Fanatic that Suicide Guy VR Deluxe is the same game as The Guy VR. Which was Suicide Guy in Virtual Reality on PS4 and PS VR1. Not sure why they changed the name but I suppose everyone knows this game as Suicide Guy.

According to the press information I received, Suicide Guy VR Deluxe has new custom levels that take full advantage of VR. It’s a first-person puzzle game like no other where you will have to find your way out of your dream. You do this by using objects and tools you obtain from the dream world.

Check out the game’s cool features below.

  • New awesome levels that take full advantage of VR devices
  • Full Body Locomotion in Virtual Reality
  • Total physics control of all items
  • New incredible moves: be able to pick up items, throw them, activate mechanisms and even burp.
  • Driving System redesigned for VR
  • Teleport movement style extra option (if your stomach can’t take it)

On PSVR2 Suicide Guy will take full advantage of the headset and Sense controllers. The game will have headset vibration, adaptive trigger effects and controller haptics. You’ll also be able to play in any of the VR play styles, sitting, standing or room scale.

Suicide Guy VR Deluxe is out for PSVR2 on 28th November you can find it on the PlayStation Store and you can wishlist it on your PS5. You can also follow Chubby Pixel on X(formerly Twitter) and check out their website to see more of their games.

Massive thanks to Chubby Pixel for sending me info about the game and the press kit.