Where to Pre-Order PlayStation Portal in the UK

PlayStation Portal UK Pre-Order Guide

PlayStation Portal

Pre-orders for Sony’s newest handheld device the PlayStation Portal are now live. And here is where you can pre-order it from in the UK.

The PlayStation Portal is basically a handheld device for PlayStation’s Remote Play feature. You can play your PS5 games remotely using PlayStation Portal. According to Sony, it is the perfect device for households where you might have to share your main gaming TV. The Missus watching Eastenders? No worries, just turn on your PlayStation Portal and play your favourite games, remotely.

PlayStation Portal essentially is a tablet slapped in the middle of a DualSense controller, so you’ll get all the awesome immersion like haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

How much does the PlayStation Portal cost? It will set you back 200 quid, £199.99 to be exact.

When is the PlayStation Portal released? It comes out on November 15th

PlayStation Portal

PlayStation Portal UK Pre-Orders

Here’s where you can pre-order PlayStation Portal in the UK. Or if you don’t want to pre-order, I’m sure you’ll be able to buy it from these places too when it comes out.

And that is all the UK retailers where I can find the PlayStation Portal available for pre-order. Surprisingly, I didn’t find it on Currys or Argos but I would imagine they will sell it at some point.