Yu Suzuki’s Air Twister Flies onto PS5 and PS4 on November 10

PS5 also gets a physical version on November 10th as well

Air Twister screenshot

Air Twister, a 3D shoot ’em up from legendary Yu Suzuki is heading to PS5 and PS4 on November 10th. Yu Suzuki is renowned for iconic games like Afterburner, Space Harrier, Out Run and the Shenmue series. PS5 owners will be able to pick up the game in physical form as well. The PS5 physical game can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.

Yu Suzuji’s latest game, Air Twister is a brand-new experience where you embark on an epic quest with Princess Arch as she fights to save her planet from imminent destruction. Armed with arrows that trace graceful arcs of light, she confronts bizarre invaders in her path. With more than 20 unique enemies to conquer and beautifully designed stages to explore, Air Twister promises an unforgettable gaming experience.

Check out the trailer below to witness some exhilarating shoot ’em-up gameplay and an absolutely awesome symphonic rock soundtrack by Valencia.

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Yu Suzuki has designed Air Twister with varying levels of difficulty. This was to invoke a sense of nostalgia for traditional arcade games. The game’s easy-to-pick-up but challenging-to-master gameplay is amplified by Valencia’s epic musical score. The score and the gameplay create a one-of-a-kind gaming adventure that no player will soon forget.

“Air Twister is an easy game to pick up and play, and I hope that more people will enjoy playing a game that brings back the feeling of the good old arcade game.” said legendary game designer Yu Suzuki.

Air Twister Features

Check out this list of awesome game features Air Twister will have when it launches on November 10th on PS5 and pS4.

  • 12 artfully crafted stages with unique gear each time you play.
  • Over 20 Vanguard creatures and 10 unique bosses to challenge your skills and simple controls for a fun and easy play experience.
  • An epic soundtrack by Valensia, a music composer known for over three decades for keeping the musical rock and opera heritage of Queen’s greatest hits alive.
  • High replayability by unlocking new gear, weapons, and Challenge Games in the Adventure Map.

Air Twister is out on PS5 and PS4 digitally on November 10th. PS5 owners can also get the physical version of the game on November 10th.