Assassin’s Creed Mirage: Where to get the Hidden One Dagger

The dagger is hidden underground surrounded by enemies

Assassin's Creed Mirage screenshot

The Hidden One dagger is a cool dagger you can find in Assasin’s Creed Mirage. It is particularly useful if you like to run around and poison enemies.

Poison thickens the air when foes are felled.

The Hidden One dagger has 21 Damage and 36 Defensive Damage (Def. Dmg), this is the damage caused to enemies when you parry.

It also has a neat perk called Spread where melee kills of poisoned enemies create a poison cloud that damages nearby enemies.

Hidden One dagger stats

Where to find the Hidden One dagger

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The Hidden One danger can be found in some underground caverns in the WIlderness region. Head to the synchronisation point at the WIlderness region at Dur-Kurigalzu and take a leap of faith into some water underground.

Once you are in the water locate the entrance to the cave system as shown in the screenshot below.

Cave entrance

Follow the linear path inside the cave system and take out the enemies you will encounter. You will eventually reach a room with a large movable stone on the left and a large vase with a flame on top.

Room with movable stone

First, take the path to the right into a room with two enemies. Kill the two enemies and collect the food that is in this room if you need to top up your health. In this room, you will also see a stone wall which you can blow up to get access to the next area. Before heading back to the previous room, make sure to open the chest in this room.

Now, go back to the room with the large movable stone. Move the large stone to the right to reveal a hidden room which contains a small exploding vase. Pick up the vase, take it to the room with the room where the two enemies were and throw it against the stone wall to blow it up.

Destructable stone wall you can blow up with the exploding vase

Go through the newly opened-up wall and follow the path until you reach a large area with several enemies. There will be an enemy on the scaffolding ahead as you enter the area and several enemies below you. Take care of the enemies however you wish and head to the chest in the centre of the area.

The chest containing the Hidden One dagger

Now open the chest to get the Hidden One dagger.

Before leaving this area make sure to run around and grab all the DIrham that is lying around.