Babubi Games Chooses Scottish Composer Siobhan Wilson for The Heirloom

That’s music to my ears

The Heirloom key art left and Siobhan Wilson right

Babubi Games, developer of upcoming mystery thriller game The Heirloom has chosen Scottish composer and singer Siobhan Wilson to be the composer for their game.

The announcement was made on X and in an email sent to the game’s Kickstarter backers.

Siobhan Wilson is a Scottish composer, singer and musician who is no stranger to performing in video games. Siobhan has written tracks with Takeshi Furukawa who composed music for PS4 exclusive The Last Guardian. The talented Scottish composer also lent her euphonious voice to the acclaimed indie adventure Planet of Lana (coming to PlayStation next Spring.) You can listen to Siobhan singing Horizons from Planet of Lana below.

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The Heirloom’s Kickstarter campaign recently reached its funding goal. It had a goal of $33,000 and has amassed a whopping $74,000 of pledges.

The Heirloom screenshot - main character Marla

The Heirloom is a mysterious thriller adventure inspired by Scottish folklore. The game is set on a fictional island in the Scottish Inner Hebrides. It follows the story of Marla and her younger brother Jack as they work to uncover the truth about unusual happening in their town.

Babu Games’ Alex Streltsov previously told PlayStation Fanatic “We hope that people can not only enjoy the thrilling gameplay but also get to know Scottish music and folklore as a whole.” With the appointment of Siobhan Wilson as the game’s composer, it seems that people will indeed get to know Scottish music.

The Heirloom is currently planned to release in October 2024 on PlayStation and all major platforms.