The Heirloom Is A Mysterious Thriller Adventure Inspired By Scottish Folklore

Kickstarter campaign for The Heirloom is launching soon and a scheduled release for October 2024

The Heirloom key art

I feel that Scotland is underrepresented when it comes to video games. Sure, a few games are set in Scotland and some have Scottish Characters or voice actors – like Mimir in God of War/God of War Ragnarok. But the beauty of Scotland is generally left behind for fantastical mythical worlds or big cities for developers to set their games in.

While some games are set in Scotland, there are probably even fewer that are inspired by or deal with Scottish Folklore. But that is about to change with Babubi Games’ The Heirloom.

The Heirloom – A Game Set On The Inner Hebrides and Inspired by Scottish Folklore

The Heirloom is a mysterious thriller adventure game with puzzle elements. The game takes place on a fictional island on the Scottish Inner Hebrides and co-founder and game director at Babubi Games Alex Streltsov hopes that as well as enjoying the thrilling gameplay, players will also get to know more about Scottish Music and Folklore as well.

We just believe that games should not only entertain but also teach people something. We hope that people can not only enjoy the thrilling gameplay but also get to know Scottish music and folklore as a whole, and simply pay attention to the fact that the world is something more than what is in front of your nose, in the feeds of social networks, and in Hollywood films. We’re happy to see that our game starts bringing people from different cultures together!

The Heirloom has been in development for over a year and has so far been funded solely by the developer’s own personal savings. However, the developers are about to launch a Kickstarter Campaign for the game. So if you are interested in supporting the development of the game, make sure to check the Kickstarter page out and get notified when the campaign launches.

The Heirloom Story – Mystery, Adventure and Unexplainable Occurrences

The Heirlooms story follows 16-year-old Marla and her younger brother Jack. After tragic events, Marla and Jack find themselves in the care of their only living relative – a grumpy old man trying to hide the secret of a dilapidated and frightening place in which he has been a recluse for decades.

When Marla and Jack are forced to leave their home, the brother and sister venture to faraway lands, across the waters to a small, nearly deserted town somewhere in the Inner Hebrides in the West of Scotland.

The Heirloom screenshot

Upon arrival at this near-deserted town, Marla and Jack begin to notice frightening and unexplainable things happening in and around their new home. Things that the other inhabitants of the island struggle to ignore.

The Heirloom will task you with uncovering the secrets of your family and your Grandfather’s old lighthouse as you work to discover the truth behind the unusual happenings.

The Heirlooms story already sounds very intriguing and couple that with some thrilling gameplay and Babubi Games could be making an indie gem.

As well as a fantastic-sounding story and narrative and the promise of some great gameplay, The Heirloom also has some nice features that should make it stand out from the plethora of indie games.

  • A mysterious story inspired by the atmosphere of the Hebrides and Scottish folklore
  • Interesting, touching, sometimes eccentric and funny dialogue
  • Each decision you make affects the plot and can lead to unpredictable results
  • Stunning hand-drawn graphics
  • Unique and exciting combinations of game mechanics
Concept art for character Marla
Concept art for Marla – Babubi Games

The Heirloom – Coming to PlayStation and All Major Platforms

Babubi Games hopes to release the Heirloom in October 2024. It will be coming to all major platforms, including PlayStation.

When the game launches, it will be available in nine diffreretn languages thanks to a large number of volunteers who have helped delvier the games localisation. I asked Babubi Games if they would consider adding Scottish Gaelic as a languge option amdthey told me they had though about it but ahd nothad any offers from a volunteerwho can speak Gaelic. So, if you can speak Gaelic and watnt o get in tothe games industry, get in touch with Babubi Games.

Make sure to check out the games Kickstarter page to find out when the campaign launches, And you can follow Babubi Games on X (formerly Twitter) to keep up to date. I will hopefully be doing an intervioew with Babubi Games at some point as well to find out more about The Heriloom, so stay tuned for that as well.