Babubi Games Launches Kickstarter Campaign For The Heirloom

Babubi Games hopes to launch The Heirloom in Octoner next year

The Heirloom screenshot - Marla

Indie game developer Babubi Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their upcoming mysterious thriller adventure The Heirloom. The Heirloom is inspired by Scottish Folklore and is set on a fictional island of the Inner Hebrides.

Babubi Games Co-Founder & Game Director Alex Streltsov previously told PlayStation Fanatic that development of the game has so far been funded with their own personal savings. With the Kickstarter campaign, Babubi Games hopes to raise just over £26,000 to make the game a reality.

As well as launching the Kickstarter campaign, Babubi Games has also released the first teaser trailer for The Heirloom which you can view below.

The Heirloom features a mysterious story inspired by the atmosphere of the Scottish Hebrides and Scottish Folklore. The main protagonist of the game is Marla Moir, a 16-year-old girl and the eldest daughter of the Moir family. Marla is joined on her adventures by her brother Jack and both characters are voiced by Asian American Voice Actor Rebecca Wang, star of Netflix shows Blue Eye Samurai and Steps.

The game also features another character called Morvin Moir, a grumpy old man and the last living relative of Marla and Jack. Morvin is voiced by Andy Mack (Evil West, Dying Light 2.)

The Heirloom will be over 4 hours long and will have trophies

Thanks to comments answered by the developer on their Kickstarter campaign page, we now know some additional bits of info about The Heirloom.

  • The Heirloom will be about 4 hours long, but this excludes hidden areas and side quests
  • The game will have trophies and achievements on all platforms
  • The game will have replayability due to hidden areas and secrets that you might miss on your first playthrough

The Kickstarter campaign also includes some other details that make The Heirloom sound like a very interesting game. The game will have exploration and puzzle elements as well as secrets. There will also be decision-making in the game. You can also find items which you can combine and use wisely to achieve your goals.

The Heirloom sounds like it could be an indie gem and the fact that it is set in Scotland and is inspired by Scottish folklore means that it will be something pretty special.

The Heirloom’s Kickstarter campaign has several reward tiers that include many digital and physical goodies. At the time of writing backers have pledged just over £4,000, if you want to back the game check out the campaign page.

Babubi Games hopes to launch The Heirloom in October 2024 and we’re sure we’ll have plenty more news on this exciting indie game in the coming weeks and months.