The Heirloom Reaches Its Kickstarter Goal

Initial funding goal reached for mysterious thriller adventure inspired by Scottish folklore

The Heirloom key art

Babubi Games has announced today that their upcoming adventure game The Heirloom has reached its goal on Kickstarter.

Babubi Games launched the Kickstarter campaign for The Heirloom only a week ago and the developer has already reached its initial £26,875 goal. Currently, the campaign has raised £31,130.

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The Kickstarter campaign features 40 unique rewards over 12 tiers, including a physical copy of the game for PS5. Other cool rewards also include a special edition of the game. The special edition contains a hand-painted 6-inch figure of the game’s main protagonist Marla.

The Heirloom PS5 physical edition

Stretch Goals

With The Heirloom funded and Babubi Games coming closer to releasing their magical game to the world, the Kickstarter campaign can now shift focus to stretch goals. These further funding goals will allow Babubi Games to add even more magical, cool features to The Heirloom.

  • £40K – Music Magic – One of the best Scottish composers will work on the game’s soundtrack
  • 45K – Voice it Up – Babubi Games can write more cool dialogue for the game and invite more voice talent to work on the game.
  • £70K – Fully Animated – Babubi Games can create even more animated cutscenes that help fully experience the atmosphere of the game.

In addition to the three stretch goals above, there are further goals that will be unlocked once these goals have been reached.

The Heirloom is a mysterious thriller adventure with point-and-click gameplay and puzzle elements. The game features an amazing-looking art style and has interactive cutscenes that sound very interesting. The game is inspired by the atmosphere of the Scottish Hebrides and Scottish folklore. It tells the tale of Marla, who along with her brother has to uncover the secrets of their grandfather’s old lighthouse and uncover the truth about the unusual happening in their town.

The Heirloom is set to release in October 2024 on PlayStation and all other major platforms.