Call of Duty WWII Now FREE for PS Plus on UK PlayStation Store

It’s your duty to download this since it’s free

Call of Duty WWII FREE PS PLus UK PS Store

We don’t yet know what free games we’ll be getting with PS Plus for June but it looks like there is an early freebie in the form of Call of Duty WWII. Completely free for PS Plus members, Call of Duty is now live on the UK PlayStation Store to download for absolutely no money whatsoever.

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of Call of Duty anymore. The last game I bought was Advanced Warfare, the edition that came with Modern Warfare Remastered. O spent £70 quid on that and only played for like an hour.

Even if the multiplayer aspect of Call of Duty isn’t your cup of tea, it still has a single-player campaign. So might be worth adding to your library.

Call of Duty WWII has a respectable 79 critic score on Metacritic. But has a pretty abysmal user score of 4.4. The game is the usual Call of Duty fair, shoot people before they shoot you deal.

By all accounts, the game isn’t half bad and I’ve heard people praising the multiplayer as well as the campaign. Even when I was into Call of Duty, I was never a fan of the World War whatever games, I preferred the Modern setting.

If you are interested in acquiring Call of Duty WWII for free with your PS Plus membership then just head over to the PlayStation Store. Or go the PS Store on your PS4, go to PS Plus and download for free or add to your library for later.