Subscribed to a 12-Month PS Plus Premium Plan? You can Renew for £83.99

Save £36 on your PS Plus Premium 12-month subscription thanks to PlayStation’s Back Friday promotion

screnshot of PS Plus premium discount screen on PS5

As you probably know, Sony bumped up the price of its 12-month PlayStation Plus subscription plans. A 12-month PS Plus Premium subscription in the UK now costs £119.99. In the US the price looks even steeper and now costs a whopping $159.99 US dollars.

If you are currently a PS Plus Premium subscriber, you can renew your subscription and get a 30% discount thanks to PlayStation’s Black Friday deals.

PlayStation recently posted about their Black Friday deals on the PlayStation Blog, but it didn’t mention anything about renewing.

During PlayStation’s Black Friday promotion from November 17 – 27, players who join PlayStation Plus can save up to 30% on 12-month membership plans. Current PlayStation Plus members can save 25% when upgrading a current plan to PlayStation Plus Extra, or save 30% when upgrading to PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe.

Obviously, I was a bit miffed at seemingly not being able to get a discount for renewing my premium subscription. But it turns out you do actually get a 30% discount if you renew your subscription.

If you go to the PlayStation Plus icon on your PS5 home screen, you’ll probably see this promotion.

PlayStation Plus Black Friday promotion screen on SP5

Trying to click into this deal to get the discount resulted in error CE-117773-6. This error happened over and over again. To get to the screen where I could renew my PS Plus Premium 12-month subscription and get the discount I had to go through Settings > Users and Accounts > Account > Payment and Subscriptions > Subscriptions > PlayStation Plus and then click the Buy Again button. Doing this should take you to this screen.

PlayStation Plus Premium buy again screen showing 30% discount for 12-month plan renewal

Here you will be able to renew your PS Plus Premium 12-month plan for only £83.99. That’s a 30% discount and a saving of £36 off the regular price.

Note, you can’t buy more than one subscription this way, so you won’t be able to stack your subscription. I tried going in again to see if it would let me renew again for the discounted price but it just shows the regular price of £119.99.