Crossfire: Sierra Squad Gets Physical on PS5/PSVR2 Next Week

PSVR2 arcade shooter launches in physical form

Crossfire Sierra Squad screenshot and game cover art from physical game box

The excellent PSVR2 arcade shooter Crossfire: Sierra Squad is getting a physical PS5/PSVR2 release next week. courtesy of publisher Perp Games.

Crossfire: Sierra Squads physical PS5/PSVR2 version releases next Friday, February 2nd via the Perp Store and all major retailers, such as Amazon.

Thanks to publishers like Perp Games we are starting to see a growing number of PSVR2 games releasing in physical form. This is great news not only for game collectors but also for game preservation fans and gamers in general.

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At £29.99 on Amazon, the Crossfire: Sierra Squad physical copy for PSVR2 is just £3 more expensive than the current PlayStation Store price. But with the physical version of the game, you get the added benefits of being able to display it on your game shelf, trade it in, sell it or you know, actually own the game.

I recently reviewed the game and gave it a very respectable 8 out of 10. I thought it was a great arcade shooter that had loads of content and some cracking gunplay. The gun mechanics and handling aren;t quite on par with Pavlov but they are pretty damn good. The soundtrack in Crossfire: Sierra Squad is also pretty amazing with plenty of heavy metal guitar riffs playing throughout the missions it will remind you of classic 80’s action movies.

Crossfire: Sierra SQuad physical edition for PS5/PSVR2 is out on February 2nd. Get it on Amazon.