Crossfire: Sierra Squad PSVR2 Review

A great PSVR2 arcade shooter

Crossfire Sierra Squad screenshot

I was a bit apprehensive about Crossfire: Sierra Swuad at first, mainly because I had experienced the excellent Pavlov on PSVR2. In terms of Military-style shooter on PSVR2, I thought that nothing could top Pavlov but Crossfire: Sierra Squad proved to be an excellent VR shooter that was worthy of my time and money.

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Crossfire: Sierra Sqaud PSVR2 Review: A satisfying arcade shooter

Realism is a funny thing in VR a lot of games can seem realistic in VR, I suppose that is why it’s called Virtual reality. Crossfire: Sierra Squad in terms of being a shooter is not as realistic as Pavlov, it has manual reloading where you can grab a magazine and put it in the gun. But you can’t pull the charging pin like you can in Pavlov.

Crossfire is more of an arcade shooter rather than a realistic military shooter. But of course, with VR there is still an air of realism about it. When I reviewed the superb Pavlov I said it was the best multiplayer shooter I had ever played and that still holds.

But Crossfire is also a great shooter as well, minus the PVP multiplayer component. You can team up with other players or friends in co-op if you want but I had a great time playing through the campaign by myself. There are different difficulty modes you can choose to make things a bit easier, I played mostly everything on easy but still found some missions in the campaign to be quite challenging.

Crossfire Sierra Squad screenshot - aiming through the scope of a sniper rifle.
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Missions Galore!

There are 13 main campaign missions in Crossfire: Sierra Squad, there is a story to the campaign as well but it is quite forgettable. Nonetheless, gunplay is fun, strengthened by the arcade style of the gameplay.

After you have knocked out the 13 campaign missions, your main playtime will be spent playing the plethora of Squad Missions. Squad missions are very similar to story missions and present you with different little story scenarios and plop you down in different locations.

Playing through the squad missions will be the main way to level up and earn new gear and perks. New guns and perks can be bought from the in-game shop and there is a decent amount of different weapons to choose from.

In short, Crossfire offers a ton of content to complete from the main missions to squad missions and the horde mode which can be played by up to 4 players in co-op. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much content there was in Crossfire: Sierra Squad and even though the missions are fairly similar they are just different enough to keep you coming back for more.

Crossfire Sierra Squad shooting range

If you want to hone your shooting skills there is also a gun range which you always start at when you boot up the game. The gun range is great for trying out the large number of weapons that Crossfire offers. As with any military shooter you can expect to find everything from handguns and submachine guns to assault rifles and rocket launchers. The only thing lacking from Crossfire is melee weapons. There were a few times during some missions when a melee weapon or even a punch would have come in handy.

The one weapon type where I think Crossfire did it better than Pavlov was SNiper Rifles. You can just bring the rifle up to your eyeline and it kind of locks in place. Looking through the scope is nice and clear and you can get a thermal imaging scope to see enemies in some of the snow-covered missions.

Crossfire in Conclusion

Crossfire: Sierra Squad is a great and welcomed addition to the vast and growing library of PSVR2 games. As an arcade shooter, it is top-notch and provides a wealth of missions to play through to get more bang for your buck. The shooting and gun mechanics are not quite as refined as Pavlov’s but are still on the realistic side and most guns handle really well.

If you prefer VR shooters that can be played single-player or co-op over competitive multiplayer shooters like Pavlov then CrossfireL Sierra Squad might be right up your alley.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad - The PSF Verdict


Crossfire: Sierra Squad is a great arcde shooter for PS VR2. It is not quite as realistic nor are the gun mechanics quite as refined as Pavlov but nonetheless it is a fantastic shooter in its own right. Crossfire offers up a weatlh of different missions to play and an array of different weapons to weild and is one game you should have on your VR radar.