Custom Backgrounds are Coming to PS5, Sort Of

Other chagnes in the new PS5 system software beta inlcude new widgets, inlcuidng a Friends Activity widget

PS5 slim consoles in the forground and PS5 wallpapers in the background

Ever since the PS5 launched, fans have been wanting custom backgrounds, or themes, similar to what we had with PS4 and PS3. Currently, the PS5 user interface shows a background image of the game you have currently selected. But, a new PS5 system software update, which is currently in Beta in the US has revealed that custom backgrounds will be coming to PS5 – but only for the Explore tab.

PlayStation YouTuber Mystic has done a detailed walkthrough of the changes to the PS5 UI. You can watch his video below.

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One of the changes is custom backgrounds but Mystic points out that custom backgrounds can only be enabled for the Explore tab.

Backgrounds that can be selected in the new PS5 update that is currently in Beta

As Mystic’s video shows, you will be able to select from a handful of Predefined backgrounds provided by Sony, some of which are live(animated) backgrounds. You will also be able to select a screenshot from your Media Library to act as background as well.

Unfortunately, for fans hoping for a complete custom background for PS5, these backgrounds will only apply to the Explore tab it seems.

Widgets and Friend Activities

Also in the new PS5 system software beta are more widgets, including a friends activity widget which is reminiscent of the What’s New panel on PS4.

Other new widgets that will be coming to PS5 are the DualSense battery indicator widget and a Console Storage widget. The Console Storage widget seems like a handy addition, so you can see at a glance how much space you have left on your PS5.

The Friends Activity widget appears to show you when a friend earns a trophy in a game. This is similar to the What’s New panel on the PS4 interface but doesn’t seem to show as much information. Still a nice new feature though.

There’s no indication of when this Beta will roll out to other territories but PS5 owners who are signed up for the PS5 system software Beta might see this soon.

Source: YouTube via PlayStation Universe