New PS5 System Software Is Out, Has Security and Stability Fixes

Securioty fixes and performance and stability improvements included in latest PS5 udpate

PS5 system software update notification with PS5 and DualSense in background

A new update to the PS5 system software went live yesterday. The latest system software was just over a Gigabyte in size and carried version 23.02-08.40.00.

Not a lot of changes were made in this particular PS5 update, the official PlayStation site lists security fixes for the system software. There are also the usual system software performance and stability improvements and improvements to messages and the usability of some information screens.

Version: 23.02-08.40.00

  • We’ve made some security fixes to the system software.
  • We’ve improved system software performance and stability.
  • We’ve improved the messages and usability on some screen

There is no update to the DualSense firmware with this update.