Deliver Us Mars, A Sequel to 2019’s Deliver us The Moon Announced

Journey to the Red Planet for a dangerous new mission in Deliver us Mars

Deliver Us Mars announced

Dutch developer Keoken Interactive, in conjunction with Frontier Foundry, has announced that A Sequel to Deliver Us The Moon is on the way. The sequel, titled Deliver Us Mars promises a radical step forward in terms of gameplay and narrative presentation.

In the teaser trailer for Deliver Us Mars, it picks up from the immediate aftermath of a spaceship crash-landing. Here’s where we meet the mysterious new protagonist.

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The trailer shows the female protagonist recovering her companion drone. The floating drone called an ASE makes a very welcomed return from Deliver Us The Moon. The little robot pal was key to solving some of the puzzles in the first game. The reveal trailer ends with a stunning reveal of the martian landscape which will be the main setting of the game.

Deliver Us Mars is set 10 years after Deliver Us The Moon’s Fortuna Mission. Where the protagonist had to re-start a reactor supplying earth with power. Delver Us Mars will expand on the events of the first game and will build upon its more grounded approach to sci-fi storytelling while enriching the gameplay experience.

Deliver Us Mars screenshot

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A deep connection between Deliver Us Mars and Deliver Us The Moon

The press release for the game says that while fans of the first game will appreciate the deep connection between the two games, the gripping adventure of Deliver Us Mars stands on its own. Offering a compelling entry point for new players. The press release also states that players can look forward to numerous new mechanics in the sequel. Including a climbing system that will enable players to readily traverse the terrain of Mars.

Developer Keoken Interactive and publisher Frontier Foundry didn’t divulge anything about the story of Deliver Us Mars. However, the press release did mention the following:

The Deliver Us series introduces players to a world where Earth’s resources are depleted, necessitating humanity’s further ventures into space.

So it is possible that the story may be something similar to Deliver Us The Moon. Where the protagonist has to complete the mission on Mars to help earth type thing. Albeit perhaps larger in scale and ambition.

“Joining forces with Frontier Foundry enables KeokeN Interactive to fully achieve the goals and ambitions we set ourselves for Deliver Us Mars,” say KeokeN Interactive co-founders Koen and Paul Deetman. “We are extremely excited about this partnership, knowing the sci-fi specialists at Frontier are looking over our shoulder.”

There is no release date yet for Deliver us Mars but the game’s official website does state that it is “Coming Soon”. More information about this exciting sequel will be released over the coming months. Deliver Us Mars will release on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.