Destiny 2: Xur Location & Inventory for October 20th – 24th 2017

This week Xur is on Titan selling Sweet Business and some Gauntlets

Destiny 2 Xur

Xur is back again just like he is every Friday, selling his exotic wares in some out-of-the-way place in one of Destiny 2’s worlds.

Xur location map on Titan
This week, Xur is on Titan

This week Xur is on Titan, on The Rig on New Pacific Archology. To locate Xur’s exact location, simply highlight his marker then launch into The Rig, once your there just follow the arrow on the mini-map.

Let’s take a look at what you can spend your Legendary Shards on this week.

Xur’s Inventory

ItemTypePower LevelCost
Sweet BusinessAuto Rifle27029
Legendary Shards
Raiden FluxHunter Chest Armour27023
Legendary Shards
Doom Fang PauldronTitan Gauntlets27023
Legendary Shards
Winter’s GuileWarlock Guantlets27023
Legendary Shards

First up we have the Exotic Auto Rifle Sweet Business. We first got a look at this bad boy during the Destiny 2 Beta and if you’ve not had the luck to get this to drop from an engram yet now’s your chance to pick it up.

Sweet Business has the intrinsic perk of Pay Day, which has a larger magazine and increased accuracy when firing from the hip. Sweet Business also has Polygonal Rifling as a barrel perk, High Calibre Rounds, Business Time trait and Composite Stock.

Next up we have Raiden Flux and Exotic Hunter chest piece. This chest armour’s intrinsic perk is Synapse Junctions where quick, successive attacks with Arc Staff increase its damage out put and duration. Raiden Flux also comes with Restorative Mod for increased health recovery, which is pretty good right now for Hunters as there isn’t much armour with recovery on them.

Next we have Doom Fang Pauldron, Exotic Titan Gauntlets. The intrinsic perk for these gauntlets is Horns of Doom where shield bash melee kills recharge shield throw and melee ability kills recharge your Sentinel Shield super. These Gauntlets are a good choice if you’re playing as a Sentinel Titan.

Last but not least we have Winter’s Guile which are some Exotic Warlock Gauntlets. The intrinsic perk for these gauntlets is Warlord’s Sigil where eliminating enemies with melee attacks increases your melee damage, so useful if you ant to go on a Warlock high-five, slapping rampage.

That’s all Xur has for us this week. He will be lurking on Titan until the 24th so plenty of time to scrape some Legendary Shards together but you probably have hundreds already anyway.