Fast-Paced VR Shooter Alvo Locks and Loads on PS VR2 in September

Competitive shooter aims to please on PSVR2

Alvo VR

Online VR shooter Alvo has gotten a PS VR2 release date. The fast-paced, competitive 5 v 5 shooter will land on PlayStation VR2 on 14th September.

Developed by indie developer Mardonpol, Alvo VR is filled with heated combat, explosions and tactical gameplay. Call of Duty fans will also love Alvo’s selection of killstreaks, perks and weapons to give you the tactical edge.

Alvo will also hit PS VR2 with full manual reload, 90hz or 120hz and full crossplay between PSVR2, PC VR and Meta Quest.

Alvo was previously released for PS4’s PS VR where it seemed to review pretty well. On Oculus it also gets mostly 5-star reviews.

Alvo will be running and gunning onto PlayStation VR2 on 14th Septemeber. If you want to check out more about the game, feel free to visit the official website.