God of War Ragnarok Will Have About 40 Hours of Playtime

20 hours for the main story and 20 hours for side quests

God of War Ragnarok screenshot

The soon-to-be-released God of War Ragnarok will be about 40 hours long according to sources who have spoken to Insider Gaming.

The entire game will take about 40 hours to finish, this includes the main story and side quests. The main story will be about 20 hours, with 3 and a half hours of cutscenes and cinematics and the other 16 and a half hours made of actual gameplay.

The other 20 hours will be for the additional side quests. The side quest portion will include 19 hours of gameplay and 1 hour’s worth of cutscenes.

Of course, the 40 hours total length is just an estimate and will probably vary depending on your individual playstyle. Other things that may affect the total play time are the difficulty level and how much you explore.

God of War Ragnarok Playtime Breakdown

  • 40 hours of total playtime (Estimated depending on play style and other factors)
  • Main Story will be about 20 hours
    • Mains story consists of 16 and a half hours of gameplay
    • There are 3 and a half hours of cinematics and cutscenes for the main story
  • Additional 20 hours to complete side quests
    • 19 hours of side quest gameplay
    • An additional 1 hour of side quest cinematics and cutscenes

It should be noted that there will probably be collectables and other trophy-related things that require finding. This could increase the playtime depending on how good you are at exploring and finding secrets. It may take longer to achieve 100% completion for the Platinum trophy.

God of War Ragnarok will release on November 9th and will be available for PS5 and PS4.