Golf+ Won’t Be Coming to PS VR2 Until Next Year Most Likely

Devs plant to start porting to other platfroms late this year or early next year

Golf plus screenshot and logo

If you are a golf fan and have just gotten a shiny new PlayStation VR2 you might be wondering if there will be a realistic golf game coming to Sony’s PS5 VR headset. There is indeed supposed to be a golf game called Golf Plus coming to PS VR2 at some point.

Sadly, the devs have said that it won’t be coming to Sony’s PS5 VR headset until at least next year it sounds like.

I also the Golf+ developer’s Golf Scope on Twitter when the game might be heading to PS VR2. They replied that they “Plan to work on porting to other platforms late this year or early next year.”

The developer also said that there were no exact dates to share but to stay tuned.

After playing the excellent Everybody’s Golf VR on PS VR1 I have been itching for a more realistic golf game to come to PS VR2. I don’t know if you would call Everybody’s Golf entirely realistic but the mechanics of swinging the club using the Move controller was pretty realistic I thought.

I was hoping that Golf+ would come to PlayStation VR2 sooner rather than later but sadly if the devs are only going to start porting work later this year or early next year then it could be at least sometime next year before it tees off on PlayStation VR2.