How To Get the Sheep Whisperer Trophy in Nier Replicant

Like sheep to the slaughter

Nier replicant screenshot with sheep overlayed in foreground

I’ve been playing some NieR Replicant recently, it’s currently part of the PlayStation Plus Extra game catalogue. It’s a really great RPG with quite a lot to do and some really nice music. It’s also got a fairly easy Platinum trophy, albeit it is a bit time-consuming.

But there are two trophies in NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139… that are missable. One for completing the game in less than 15 hours and one for killing 100 sheep. In this guide, I’ll show you where to go to get your 100 sheep kills early on in the game. Might as well get the trophy out of the way early.

The Sheep Whisperer Trophy

The trophy in question is called The Sheep Whisperer. But you don;t need to whisper sweet nothings to the woolly jumpers on legs, you need to slaughter them, mercilessly. The Sheep Whisperer requires you to kill 100 sheep, so here is how to go about your sheep-killing spree.

You can do this trophy early on in the game, as soon as you leave your house pretty much. If you re at the stage where you have left your house and are exploring your village, you might have noticed a large gate opposite your house.

This gate takes you to the Northern Plains, and this is where we need to go to find the sheep. You can see the Northern Plains gate from where you leave your house, it’s the gate with the port cullis off in the distance. Just beyond the cliffs.

location of Northern Plains gate as seen from your house
Northern Plains gate

Head through this gate, then through a small valley and you will reach the Northern Plains. You will notice large metal structures and a wide open grassy area. There are also loads of sheep to kill.

Now all you have to do is kill all the sheep. When you run out of sheep to murder simply go back to the village area and then load back to the Northern Plains and the sheep will have respawned.

Keep repeating this until you have killed 100 sheep and the trophy pops. Don’t forget to collect the Mutton from the dead sheep.

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