Microsoft Might be Bringing Xbox Games to PlayStation

Starfield, Indiana Jones and Hellblade 2 could be coming to PS5 amongst other Xbox games

Xbox games with a PS5 console and DualSense controller

The last day or so has seen rumours abound that Microsoft might bring some of its Xbox-exclusive games to PlayStation. I’m not entirely sure why, where or when these rumours first came about but Xboxera reported yesterday that Microsoft plans to launch Starfield on PS5.

Some industry insider types have also seemingly confirmed that Starfield is, apparently, heading to PS5.

But hold on to your lily white butts because Starfield isn’t the only Xbox exclusive rumoured to be headed our way. No siree. These rumours seem to stem from a belief that Microsoft is toying with a new multiplatform strategy.

Some “insiders” on Twitter/X seem to think this is because Xbox console hardware has sold poorly, so Microsoft wants to sell more games. Some are speculating that after its acquisition of Activiions Microsoft might become more of a games publisher rather than a console maker.

If Microsoft wants to sell more games then putting them on PlayStation is certainly one way to do it. PS5 has, after all, got an install base of about 50 million and counting.

Indiana Jones The Great Circle, Halo, Hellblade 2, Hi-Fi Rush and more could come to PS5

Yesterday February 4th, The Verge reported that Microsoft is mulling over bringing Indiana Jones and the Great Circle to PS5. A few hours ago, industry insider Jeff Grub also reported that Microsoft is considering bringing Gears of War to PS5. Even Xbox stalwart Halo is rumoured to be launching its next game on platforms other than Xbox. Master Chief on PS5? It seems unlikely but who knows?

In the same article that they reported about Starfield possibly coming to PS5, Xboxera also says that sources have told them other 1st party Xbox games are coming to PS5. The article suggests that Hi-Fi Rush could be coming to rival platforms as early as Q1 of this year.

Shpeshal_Nick on Twitter, who was very accurate about the games appearing on last week’s State of Play also thinks that Hellblade 2 could also make its way onto Sony’s platform.

There are quite a few other Xbox games mentioned by various insiders and commentators that Microsoft might be planning to put on PS5. But, I think some people are just mentioning any Xbox-exclusive game at this point. But, if you are interested, here’s the list of Xbox games that “might” come to PlayStation at some point.

  • Starfield
  • Halo
  • Indiana Jones and the Great Circle
  • Hellblade 2
  • Hi-Fi Rush
  • Sea of Thieves
  • Forza
  • Gears of War
  • and maybe others

If Microsoft are indeed changing strategy and bringing Xbox exclusives to PS5 and other platforms then fair play to them. I would certainly like to play Starfield and the new Indiana Jones game. But Hellblade 2 I would love to see it on PS5. Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice was a great game that I played on PS4 and I was a bit miffed when it was announced that Hellbalde 2 would be Xbox exclusive.

As of right now, these are just rumours of course and Microsoft has yet to make any official statement.