PlayStation Announces Surprise State of Play for Tonight

Will focus on indies and third-party games

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Last night Sony announced a surprise State of Play that will take place tonight at 10 PM BST. I was going to post about it last night but I was practically in my bed when I noticed the announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

Shawn Benson, who is part of the PlayStation third-party relations team announced the surprise State of Play on the PlayStation Blog last night. Tonights State of Play will only focus on third-party games though, so anyone hoping for some new first-party PlayStation games will be disappointed.

Tomorrow’s broadcast will focus on updates to previously announced games coming to PlayStation consoles. From indie and PS VR2 highlights, to major upcoming titles from our third-party partners, our latest show has something for everyone!

Where and When to Watch Tonights State of Play

Tonight’s State of Play can be watched on YouTube, Twitch and TikTok. The broadcast will start at 10 PM BST.

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The State of Play focusing on Indies and third-party games is certainly a bit disappointing. But at least we might get to see some new PS VR2 games that haven’t been announced before. And there will no doubt be a couple of decent Indie and third-party gems to look forward to.

Update: Wasn;t that disappointing, Insomniac showed some cool open-world stuff from Marvel’s SPider-Man 2.