PS VR2 Gets Its First Tennis Game In October with Tennis On-Court

Will it be an ace or a double fault?

Tennis On Court screenshot

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as the next Andy Murray but couldn’t;t swing a Tennis racket to save yourself then PS VR2 might help you live out your pro Tennis Player fantasies. Sony’s next-gen VR headset is about to get its first Tennis game on October 20th – Tennis On-Court.

Developer Decathlon Games writes about the game’s physics, modes and more on the PlayStation Blog.

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Tennis On-Court is billed as “the nearest thing to real Tennis” that’s according to the PR blurb anyway. The game features multiple game modes including single-player against AI opponents and up to 2 v 2 multiplayer.

There are also multiple rackets with different characteristics, and six stadiums to play in. Tennis On-Court also has five different assist options to help your performance on the court as well as a spectator mode where you can watch your friends or future opponents play. There will also be an option if you prefer a more ‘arcade’ experience.

Realistic Tennis Physics

Tennis On-Court will have physics as close to the real game as possible Decathlon tells the PlayStation Blog. The physics part of the game has been developed with top Tennis players to “achieve a natural sensation.”

You will be able to play Tennis On-Court pretty much like how you would play real Tennis it sounds like. And you will be able to play with effects like a slice shot, drop shot, lifting and things like that.

The good news is you won;t actually have to be good at Tennis to play Tennis On-Court. The arcade mode will let players concentrate more on the fun of the game rather than on the movements, as Decathlon Games explains:

All tennis fans should be able to enjoy the game, whatever their skill level. To this end, a second arcade gameplay mode is available, in which trajectories and effects are close to reality, but corrected to stay on court. Players can focus on the fun of the game and forget about the demands of the movements.

Tennis On-Court is out for PS VR2 on October 20th and will be available from the PlayStation Store. Tennis On-Court is developed by Decathlon Games and published by Perp Games.