PS5 & PS4 Gets Sony Pictures Core App With Free Movies for PS Plus Premium Members

Sony Pictures Core and chill

Sony Pictures Core app on PS5

As announced on the PlayStation Blog a couple of days ago, PS5 and PS4 owners have gotten the Sony Pictures Core app. The movie streaming app was previously called Bravia Pictures Core and was usually found on Sony Bravia TVs.

The Sony Pictures Core app contains about 2,000 movies that you can rent or buy straight from your PS5 or PS4 console. The app will also let users buy select Sony Pictures films during an exclusive early access window. The first film available for purchase during early access will be the Gran Turismo film. Buying the film will net you some credits to buy stuff in Gran Turismo 7, such as cars from the film.

PS Plus Premium Members Get Free Films

As an added bonus, PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers get a curated catalogue of up to 100 films to stream for free as part of your PS Plus Premium membership.

Sony Pictures Core app PS Plus premium movies

The movies available to Premium subscribers include such gems as District 9, Legion and many more. Sony recently bumped up the price of 12-month subscription plans for PlayStation Plus, so it seems that the free movies are a way to sweeten the deal.

How to get the Sony Pictures Core app on your PS5 or PS4

The Sony Pictures Core app is now available to download on both PS5 and PS4, here’s how to get the app on your console.

On PS4 – Go to the TV & Video app on the dashboard, click the ‘See All’ icon and then find the Sony Pictures Core app. Download it and let it install. Once in the app, you’ll need to sign up. Once you have signed up you can enjoy up to 100 free movies to stream. Assuming you are a PS Plus Premium member of course.

On PS5 – While on your PS5 games dashboard, tab over to Media by tapping R1 and then go to App Library. Scroll down to find the Sony Pictures Core app, install and then sign up from within the app. Then enjoy your films.