PSVR2 Warranties for Day One Buyers Expire in 11 Days – And Sony Still Isn’t Selling Sense Controllers

Fans are concerned about Sony not selling spare Sense controllers

PSVR2 sense controllers

Day one buyers of PlayStation VR2 will see their warranties expire in 11 days. The PSVR2 launched on February 22nd last year and Sony still isn’t selling Sense controllers separately – and this has a lot of fans worried.

If you were a day one buyer of Sony’s PSVR2 headset, this means that you bought it almost a whole year ago, on February 22nd 2023. For most countries and regions, the warranty (also called the guarantee in the UK) only lasts for 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. This means that in 11 days, many PSVR2 owners will see their warranties expire.

Once the warranty expires on the product, you will most likely have to pay for repairs or replacements. There’s nothing new there, this is par for the course with many consumer products. But what has a lot of PSVR2 fans concerned is that Sony still is not selling Sense controllers separately.

Understandably this has PSVR2 early adopters worried, especially as PlayStation controllers are known to suffer from stick drift. Not to mention that, if you are not careful the Sense controllers could be easily damaged by punching a TV screen for example.

a damaged PSVR2 sense controller
A damaged PSVR2 Sense controller. Image credit: u/Icy_Morning5196 on Reddit

So, is Sony going to sell spare PSVR2 Sense Controllers?

There is a thread on the r/PSVR subreddit asking this very question. There have been several threads like it since PSVR2 launched in February last year. But no one has a definitive answer. Some fans think that Sony won’t sell them separately and players with faulty controllers will either be forced to send them in for repairs or replacement at additional cost. But this means going with or without your VR headset for a few weeks at least.

byu/Thickfuckness from discussion

A lot of users on the r/PSVR subreddit are disappointed that Sony has not said anything at all about selling spare Sense controllers. And many can’t see the sense in Sony not selling them. I mean, if your DualSense controller for your PS5 breaks, you can just go and buy a new one, easily. But if your Sense controllers break after the guarantee runs out, well, your entire PSVR2 headset is going to be out of commission until you can arrange a repair.

With 11 days left of our PSVR2 guarantees, fans can only hope that Sony sees sense and starts selling Sense controller separately. I’ve reached out to PlayStation UK on Twitter to ask them about it. I’ve also contacted PlayStation SUpport via phone and they just kind of skirted the issue.

The lack of any information about the ability to buy spare Sense controllers is starting to concern PSVR2 fans. We certainly don’t want to be out of pocket to the tune of a whole new PSVR2 bundle just because one Sense controller becomes faulty.