Spider-Man 2: Williamsburg Spider-Bots Locations

Where to find the 2 Spider-Bots in Williamsburg

Williamsburg spider-bot locations

Spider-Bots in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are collectables that are found all throughout New York City. Collecting them gives you some XP and tech parts.

When you get close to a Spider-Bots location you will see a pulsing signal emitting from the Spider-Bot. It is quite a large pulse and you will easily spot it once you are close enough.

This guide will show you where to find the Spider-Bots in Williamsburg.

Williamsburg Spider-Bots

There are only two Spider-Bots to be found in Williamsburg.

Spider-Bot 1 – Prowler

The first Williamsburg Spider-Bot can be found in the north of the region, on a building.

Spider-Man 2 Williamsburg Spider-Bot 1 map location

Spider-Bot 2 – Scorpion

The second Spider-Bot in Williamsburg can be found in the south of the region. It is in mid-air almost between a couple of buildings.

Spider-Man 2 Williamsburg Spider-Bot 2 map location

And that is all the Spider-Bots in Williamsburg.

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