Stellar Blade Will Be About 35 GB on PS5 According to Box Art

Won;t take up too much space on the ‘ol PS5 hard drive

Stellar Blade screenshot. Main character Eve posing

Upcoming action RPG Stellar Blade makes some moves on PS5 this April 26th. The PS5 exclusive has been developed by Korean developer SHIFT UP! and will be published by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

For fans wondering how much space on your PS5 hard drive Stellar Blade will take up, the Twitter user Genki_JPN might just have answered your question. Genki has posted a photo of the box art for the game to Twitter, the photo of the back of the box shows that the game will be 35GB.

Genki does say in their Tweet that the box says the game requires “more than” 35GB. So it is not clear if it will be 35GB or a bit bigger. It’s certainly not a massive size for a modern game and fans were expecting the game to be larger in size.

The 35 GB install size probably excludes any day-one patch.

It was recently revealed that Stellar Blade would have three different graphics modes. A performance mode, resolution mode and a balanced mode.

Stellar Blade launches on April 26th and will be a full-price £70.00 game. It can be pre-ordered now from Amazon.