The Last of Us Part 2 Guide: The Shortcut Safe Combination

Getting to this safe requires some breaking and entering

the last of us part 2 guide:all safe combinations and codes

This The Last of Us Part 2 guide will show you where to find the safe and the artefact that reveals the combination in Chapter 33 – The Shortcut.

Feel free to watch the video guide below, or continue reading for the text guide.

At one point in Chapter 33, you will find yourself having to jump over a gap on to an apartment balcony, as pictured in the screenshot below.

Jump over the gap on to the balcony then smash the glass on the balcony window to gain access to the apartment.

Go past the kitchen area and find the artefact/note sitting on a table which has a whiteboard with a hand-drawn map on it.

Read the artefact and flip it over to reveal a clue about the safe combination.

The note explains that the combination to the safe is the number of the apartment you are currently in and the number of the apartment next door. You can venture into the main hallway and see that the number of the apartment next door is 304. Making the combination to the safe 302304.

The safe is located int eh bedroom, the door to which is to the right of the bathroom door. Go into the bedroom and unlock The Shortcut safe with the code 302304.