The First Descendant: How to Rank Up Your Mastery Level

How and where to got ot rank up your mastery level for extra benefits

The First Descendant masery level rank up cutscene screenshot

If you have been playing The First Descendant Crossplay Open Beta and blasting away the Vulgus you’ll be earning quite a bit of XP. During your gameplay, you may have noticed a notification on-screen letting you know that you have a Mastery Level Rank Up available.

You will also see this notification when you view your character in the menu, as shown in the screenshot below.

The First Descendant Mastery Rank Up Available mesage

How do you get Mastery Rank Experience?

It seems to be pretty easy to gain Mastery level rank-ups. As the in-game information says you can earn Master Rank experience simply by completing missions, raising your weapon proficiency and levelling up your Descendant with XP.

What Are Mastery Ranks in The First Descendant?

Mastery Rank in The First Descendant are like additional levels and increasing your mastery rank earns you certain benefits and rewards. The benefits of ranking up your mastery rank can include extra equipment slots, storage slots and upgrade modules. Certain items in the game like upgrades and things like that also seem to be locked behind higher mastery ranks.

The current maximum mastery rank is 40.

I’ve got a mastery rank rank-up available, what do I do now?

If you get a notification telling you you can level up your mastery rank here is what you have to do.

First, you have to fast travel back to Albion. Albion is like the main hub of the game, a bit like Destiny’s Tower. If you are out in the game world you can travel back to Albion by going to the map menu. Once you are back at Albion you have to go to a specific terminal to rank up your mastery level.

From where you spawn into Albion, head forward and to your left and you will find the Prime Hands device. This is the terminal where you rank up your mastery level.

Simply interact with the Prime Hands device when you get the prompt to “activate Prime Hands.”

Once you have activated Prime Hands just press the Mastery Rank Up button to rank up your Descendant’s mastery level.

Here’s a video of where to find the Prime Hands device and the cool cutscene you see every time you rank up your mastery level.

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