The PS VR2 Can Give You The Power of X-Ray Vision, Sort Of

It doesn’t work on anything made of lead apparently

PS VR2 X-Ray Vision

We all know that the PlayStation VR2 has got some pretty nifty eye technology packed inside its stylish black and white headset. Things like eye-tracking and foveated rendering, which uses the eye-tracking feature to display the spot you are looking at in greater detail, make the PS VR2 a cut above the competition.

PS VR2 owners will also know that thanks to the headset’s four built-in cameras, the PS VR2 also has a cool passthrough mode that you can use to see your surroundings and get your Sense controllers. But did you know that the PS VR2 also has a newly found really cool feature using the passthrough mode – X-Ray Vision?

Yep, you read that correctly, the PlayStation VR2 apparently has the ability to give you X-Ray Vision. Just like Superman, the PS VR2 gives you the ability to see through objects, how cool is that? No other VR headset can boast about having this awesome feature.

Can PS VR2 Give You X-Ray Vision?

OK, obviously the PlayStation VR2 doesn’t really give you X-Ray Vision but a user on Reddit has actually posted proof that it kind of does.

Reddit user u/Wheatley101UK posted on the r/PSVR subreddit posted the following:

Of course, everyone thought this was some kind of wind-up or the ramblings of someone who had a few too many and was just posting random nonsense on Reddit. But, a few hours after their original X-Ray Vision post, they followed it up with actual proof.

PS VR2 X-Ray image of a remote control. Image credit Reddit/Wheatley101UK
Image Credit: Reddit/Wheatley101UK

The image posted by the Reddit user does indeed show a TV remote and it does appear to have a semi-translucent look to it as if it is being X-Rayed. In the picture (shown above) you can see what looks like the remote controls circuit board underneath the casing. The user also posted a regular picture of the remote control to show it was in a solid black plastic casing. Just like most other TV remotes.

But alas, the PS VR2 won’t actually give you the power to see through objects like Superman.

A Reddit user replying to the thread pointed out that the remote control is semi-IR (Infra Red) Transparent and made from an IR Transparent or semi-transparent material. The PS VR2 tracks the Infra Red lights on the Sense controllers and also has an IR camera for eye-tracking.

So next time you have your PS RV2 in passthrough mode, grab a few household objects and see if you can see through any of them.

Source: Reddit