Tourist Bus Simulator Departs the Depot and Is Scheduled to Arrive on PS5 on May 12th

Check the timetable,. The Tourist Bus will be arriving on PS5 next week

Tourist Bus Simulator screenshot

If you ever dreamt of becoming a bus driver as a kid but never got the chance. If you ever wanted to get behind the wheel of a big bus bud couldn’t quite pass the driving test, then don’t worry. Tourist Bus Simulator takes to the roads on PS5 on May 12th, so this is your chance to drive the bus of your dreams.

You won’t be driving the number 62 around Luton or Coventry or somewhere equally as bleak, no siree. You’ll be driving around the beautiful, sunlit Spanish Island of Fuerteventura.

In Tourist Bus Simulator you will take to the roads of this stunning Spanish island. Roads and unpaced tracks can be explored with detailed replicas of buses such as the MAN Lion’s Coach, the Lion’s Coach C and the Lion’s Intercity.

There will also be 20 cities and beautiful beaches that will welcome bus drivers to make stops along their routes. You’ll need to keep the tourists happy though, as they will be wanting hotel shuttles and sightseeing tours. Things you will need to organise.

Yes, Tourist Bus Simulator isn’t all about driving fancy buses. There is also an extensive management portion to the game. You’ll need to look after your fleet of buses and arrange repairs and maintenance. You’ll also need to sort out catering for bus drivers, personnel planning and recruitment. The aim is too build your own successful bus company.

If Tourist Bus Simulator sounds like the type of game you can get behind the wheel of, then it will be out on PS5 on May 12th.