Virgin Media Customers Can Get Exclusive Marvel’s Avengers Outfits

Assemble your Avengers in some stylish outfits from Virgin Media

Grab your Virgin Media time-limited exclusive Marvel's Avengers outfits

If you are a Virgin Media customer you can grab yourself some stylish Marvel’s Avengers outfits for free. The TV, Broadband and Mobile provider is giving away free codes for some very nice looking outfits.

Here what you’ll get, what the outfits look like and how to redeem the code for your stylish new Marvel’s Avengers outfits.

Virgin Media Marvel’s Avengers Outfits

Virgin Media Marvels Avengers Exclusive outfits

Virgin Media’s time-limited exclusive outfits for your Marvel’s Avengers hero’s are stylish and practical. The outfits are red and white to fit the Virgin Media branding and are sure to make you look amazing whether you playing the campaign or joining other heroes in multiplayer.

Here are the outfits you’ll get:

  • Ms Marvel – Event Horizon Outfit
  • Hulk – Ascendancy Outfit
  • Iron Man – Jet Stream Armour Outfit
  • Black Widow – Lucent Shadow Outfit
  • Thor – Lightbreaker Outfit
  • Captain America – Burning Might Outfit

Check out the video below to see these awesome looking outfits in action.

How to redeem your Outfits Code

First things first. You’ll need to be a Virgin Media TV, Broadband or Mobile customer.

If you are, then check your inbox for the email from Virgin Media. The subject is Marvel’s Avengers game time-limited giveaways.

If you haven’t gotten an email then you should still be able to claim the code by going to this link on the Virgin Media website.

Fill in your details to confirm you are a customer and Virgin Media should send you the code.

Once you have the email with the code form Virgin Media, follow the instructions to redeem the code on the Square Enix website. You’ll need to sign in with a Square Enix account to redeem it.

Once you have redeemed your code, login into Marvel’s Avengers on your PS4. After loading into the game, press the touchpad to access the character menu, goto Cosmetics tab and you should see your fancy new outfit.

Marvel's Avengers cosmetic screen

Now just equip your stylish new Virgin Media Marvel’s Avengers outfit and your good to go.