Watch Me Play A Full Round of Walkabout Mini Golf on PS VR2

18 holes of mini golf fun

Walkabout Mini Golf key art

The release of Walkabout Mini Golf on PS VR2 is just five days away. The very fun game features loads of different courses with some very tricky mini Golf holes to overcome and putt your way to an under-par score.

The gameplay is from the Tourist Trap course which is one of the base courses. The full round is one of the first rounds I played in the game, so needless to say it is not my best round. But I did finish with a ten under-par score, so it wasn’t too bad.

If you want to know more about Walkabout Mini Golf on PS VR2 then check out my preview article and the game page. The developer Mighty Coconut has also released the official PS VR2 launch trailer.

Walkabout Mini Golf is out on PS VR2 on May 11th.

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