Hands-On Preview: Walkabout Mini Golf Tees up Big Fun on PS VR2 On May 11th

Putt your mini golf skills to the test when this lands on PS VR2

Wlkabout Mini Golf key art and logo

Since the launch of PlayStation VR2 in February there have been quite a few games that have made me glad I bout a PS VR2. Horizon Call of the Mountain, Gran Turismo 7, and Pavlov VR to name just a few. Now Walkabout Mini Golf from Mighty Coconut is set to re-enforce the fact that some games are just more fun in VR when it launches on PS VR2 on May 11th.

Walkabout Mini Golf was originally released on the Meta and Steam VR platforms. Since its launch on these platforms, it has become the highest-rated multiplayer game. And with the few hours I have under my belt previewing it, I can see why.

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If there ever was a game that screamed “This is so much fun in VR” then Walkabout Mini Golf is it. It features a wide variety of different mini Golf courses with some deviously tricky holes, in fact, A LOT of tricky holes, that will take quite a bit of skill and know-how to get the lowest score.

Everything looks really colourful and crisp on PS VR2 and the game has improved visual quality thanks to the power of PS5. Check out some PS VR2 screenshots below.

The PS VR2 version will be just as feature-packed as the Meta and Steam VR versions. Including cross-play.

The game also has a very doable Trophy List including a Platinum. Some of the trophies I suspect are much harder than they seem but, you’ll have hours and hours of fun going for the Platinum.

If you want to know more about Walkabout Mini Golf on PS VR2 then Mighty Coconut has a FAQ.

I could literally spend ages talking about Walkabout Mini Golf but I’ll leave all the juicy bits for my review which will be arriving just before the game launches on May 11th, Stay Tuned.