New Walkabout Mini Golf DLC Course ‘Ice Lair’ Coming on March 7th

Walkabout Mini Golf’s 25th course will give you chills in March

Walkabout Mini Golf Ice Lair DLC course graphic

Walkabout Mini Golf developer Mighty Coconut has announced a new DLC course will be coming on March 7th. Ice Lair will be the game’s 25th course and the next instalment of Walkabout Mini Golf’s Evil Lairs DLC series.

The Ice Lair DLC course is a subterranean hideout carved into an Arctic glacier. The course is home to an evil scientist who is plotting an “ice cold” plot against humanity.

Are you prepared to slide into Ice Lair? Carved into an arctic glacier lies a brutalist subterranean hideout cloaking an ice-cold plot against humanity. In this next installment of the Evil Lair series, your mission is to putt through the icy headquarters of a former scientist mastermind as you attempt to stop her colony of puffin henchmen intent on perfecting their freeze-ray technology… Get ready for a heated challenge in this sinister Arctic base. Defrosting March 7!

Walkabout Mini Golf Ice Lair banner

If Walkabout Mini Golf’s other courses are anything to go by, Ice Lair is sure to be a great addition to the plethora of courses already available in the game.

Ice Lair will feature the standard 18 easy mode holes as well as 18 jard mode holes. There will also be a themed Foxhunt to earn yourself a commemorative putter and themed avatars. Ice Lair will also have some other ‘cool’ features, check them out below.

  • Four brand new gameplay mechanics: freeze ray to turn a player’s ball into an ice cube, ice on the green for frozen and unfrozen balls to traverse, the ability to jump frozen balls over obstacles and barriers, and heat pads over which frozen balls can be melted!
  • For the first time, there are additional surfaces the frozen ball can stay “in play” on for added trick shots and tricky work-arounds to evil obstacles.
  • Dozens upon dozens of adorably menacing worker puffins that interact with players and follow them around.
  • Tons of technical tricks to emulate frozen air, icy water, and the sea life that surrounds the Arctic compound.
  • A rideable orca whale!

Ice Lair DLC course for Walkabout Mini Golf is out on March 7th.