When Will PS VR2 Come Out? As Early as April 2022 an Analyst Thinks

Analyst predicts a Q2 launch window for PlayStation VR2

When will PS VR2 come out? As early as April 2022 an analyst thinks

Since PlayStation VR2 has been officially announced and the specs have been revealed, you’re probably wanting to know when you can get the news headset on your noggin and the new Sense controllers in your hands. And although Sony hasn’t even hinted at a launch date for its next-gen VR headset for PS5, a reputable analyst who follows Apple and VR has reportedly stated that he thinks PS VR2 might ship in Q2 of 2022.

Q2, or the second financial quarter of the year, runs from April to June. So if this analyst’s predictions are correct, we could be getting immersed into Horizon: Call of the Mountain as early as April this year.

Another report also states that PS VR2 is shortly going into mass production in China.

If these predictions are accurate, then we could be getting our hands on Sony’s next-gen VR hardware pretty soon indeed.

Sony has yet to announce a launch date for PS VR2 or any kind of price point for the new hardware

Source: Games Radar.