You Can Pet Cats In Forspoken and They Lead You To Some Rare Valuables

Some Cat’s lead you to Poppets, a rare collectable in Athia

Forspoken screenshot - Frey petting a Cat

Cats seem to be featuring a lot in video games these days, whether it’s playing as one in Stray or having one in your backpack in Marve’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, these cute furry creatures are everywhere. Forspoken is no exception and it also has its fair sure of cute little cats to pet.

You will first encounter Cats in Forspoken when you arrive in the city of Cipal. The furry little animals are over the place. Your main interaction with the Cats of Cipal will be while doing some of the Forspoken’s Detour missions. Detours are essentially side quests and there are a few of them in Cipal.

Some of the Detours require Frey to follow a cute cat. Following the cat will lead you to a collectable called a Poppet.

Poppet screenshot and description from Forspoken

Poppets are very rare in Athia, they used to be used as toys but now no one is left to make them so their value has skyrocketed. When the Cat leads you to the Poppet, make sure to pick it up. And don;t forget to pet the Cat afterwards, just to say thanks.

There are at least four Follow the Cat Missions in Forspoken’s city of Cipal. Follow the grey Cat part 1 & 2, Follow the black and white Cat part 1 & 2 and there might be another one, I can’t remember.

You can Trade Poppets for Stuff

Once you have collected some Poppets you can take them to the trading spot shown in the map below. here you can trade them for some useful items.

Forspoken trading spot map location in Cipal

I am only a few hours into Forspoken so I am not sure if you find these “follow the cat” detours anywhere else, but I am hoping you do.

Forspoken is out now for PS5.