Amazon UK Removes PS5 Console Listings, Preparing for Official Prices?

Prepping for price and pre-order

PS5 is very energy efficient

Amazon UK could be preparing to add official prices and product information to its PS5 listings after tonights PS5 Showcase.

The online retail giant has removed all PS5 console and accessory listings from its site. Perhaps this is to update the listings with an official price and pre-order details once they are revealed later.

PS5 products now redirect to an Amazon not found page

Clicking any of the PS5 console listings on Amazon UK is now redirects to a not found page.

Amazon UK has had the PlayStation 5 consoles and accessories listed on its site since shortly after the June Future of Gaming event.

Amazon UK PS5 list

The UK is not the only country where Amazon is removing its PS5 listings. German site has also reported that Amazon Germany has also removed its PS5 console and accessory listings.

Even though the console and accessories are currently not viewable on Amazon, listings for PlayStation 5 games can still be viewed, however.

If you are thinking about trying to secure a PS5 pre-order from Amazon, it may be worthwhile refreshing the site after tonight’s showcase. Just in case pre-orders go live right away.

Although, it does seem unlikely that pre-orders would happen this quickly, as Sony has previously stated that they would not go live with a minutes notice.

The PS5 Showcase will take place tonight at 9 PM UK time. Make sure to tune in for some PS5 game news and of course for the price, release date and pre-order details.