PS5 “Well On Track To Be Our Most Successful Console Ever,” Jim Ryan Says

Jim Ryan talks to the PlayStation Podcast about his storied career as he retires after 30 years

Retired PlayStation CEO Jim Ryan(left) and the PlayStation logo(right)

Now retired PlayStation boss and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment has said that PlayStation 5 is “well on track to be our most successful console ever, across multiple vectors.”

Jim Ryan retired from his role as Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO on March 29th, today, April 1st marks Jim’s first day of retirement. The ex-PlayStation Boss was interviewed for the Official PlayStation Podcast, where he shared some memories of his 30-year career with PlayStation.

When asked by the PlayStation’s Director of Content Communications Sid Shuman on what positions Sony Interactive to continue leading the PlayStation brand and the gaming industry in the future Ryan replied “We’ve been really clear and really consistent on what we stand for. Which is great consoles, great console experience and great games.” Ryan continued to say “Right now, we are at the top of our game. PlayStation 5, well on track to be our most successful console ever across multiple vectors.”

We sit in a position of strength and the future is bright.

Jim Ryan

Ryan also said, “The games and gaming experiences that you see on PS5, led by PlayStation Studios are the best that we have ever seen.” The retired CEO says that PlayStation sits in a position of strength and that the future is bright.

Sony revealed in December last year that the PS5 sales had reached a milestone and had sold 50 million units to consumers.

Jim Ryan has worked with what was then called Sony Computer Entertainment since 1994, before the first PlayStation launch. Ryan told Sid Shuman on the PlayStation Podcast that his first brief with Sony was to essentially set up PlayStation in continental Europe, in preparation for the European launch of the console.

Jim Ryan’s advice to the next PlayStation CEO

Never forget that we deal in entertainment

Jim Ryan

During the interview for the Official PlayStation Podcast, Ryan was also asked to give some advice to the next CEO of PlayStation. Ryan gave one piece of advice, “Never forget that we deal in entertainment.” “That’s what’s made us successful in the past As long as we don’t lose sight of that we’ll continue to enjoy success in the future.” Ryan continued.

You can listen to the full PlayStation Podcast over on the PlayStation Blog.